VISION of the Susan Sells Team :

Energized team of people that inspires a joy-filled life, believers in ‘life just right’ and the value of real estate ownership.

MISSION: To Inspire a ‘life just right’ that contributes to making the world a better, more beautiful place. We happen to broker real estate for buyers, sellers and investors everywhere. 

Things we value:

Life Just Right- To Live a Big Life





A bigger life, an exciting life, a happier life, a fuller life, a more balanced life, a richer life, a life with more freedom, a noble life, a joy-filled life.



We Listen

You want an agent to be a whole lot more...

than a taxi-driver, data entry clerk and salesperson. You want someone who loves to help people get what they really want when it comes to finding their special place or attracting the perfect buyer for their current space. We make buyer-seller connections.

We Understand

The power of connection to make the most challenging, difficult things possible.

At Susan Sells, we are considered by many to be the best real estate connection around. Our work is our way of life and it is to make dream home matches for homeowners, investors and home buyers. We call it 'Life Just Right,' and for each of our clients, that's a little bit different. But our goals are always the same. Get connected to your perfect buyer or your next dream home.

We are Committed 

To be a positive, helpful partner you can trust for buying or selling a home 

The Susan Sells Team is the culmination of a vision and the leadership of Susan Rochwarg, lead agent with 30 years of experience in real estate brokerage. Susan Sells ranks Top 20 agents Andover/North Andover area of Massachusetts.   

We have a long list of Select Vendors!

Rob Moreno, Professional Photography and Virtual Tours and Floor Plan Interactive


Who we affectionately call friends and partners of Susan Sells.

With guaranteed standards of service like accessibility, honesty and integrity, follow through, quality and commitment, we offer you our connections in the community for service providers of all kinds. Don't be afraid to ask us and we'll connect you.


We have connections!

Relocation connections are invaluable when you go to a new, unfamiliar area.

We will connect you to a full-service agent that knows that area to help ease the stress of your move and we'll stay in the loop to support you all the way. Just ask for a relocation referral. We will be able to interview the agent with you in mind and assure you that we've made the right connection for you and your 'Life Just Right' destination. 


Meet the Team