3 words...Life-Just-Right.

Words can be deceptively simple unless you've given them adequate thought and reflection. More than 10 years ago, we first reflected on why, how, and what we do as a team at Susan Sells. As we focussed on the results and successes, 'Life Just Right' resonated. So for us at Susan Sells, the words are really important because we discovered they're very important to you (and others) too. We are on a mission to make 'Life Just Right' a way of life. We're not sure exactly what this 'Life Just Right' will look like but let's say, we're in the development stage.

We'd love to hear what 'Life Just Right' is to you.  You can read here some of the things it means to me. Take your time. If you've read this far, it probably resonates with you.

Reflect on Life-Just-Right and what it means for you. Use this form.

We encourage the values of individuality, relationships and friendship, making a difference, impacting our communities and so much more. With every day, we write pages of our 'Life Just Right' story and we encourage you to as well. 

WHY Real Estate? 

We are a growing real estate team that is always on the search for talent to make us better, expand our impact and break through typical barriers in the industry and building businesses. We think, talk and work differently. You'll see that we are no ordinary real estate team, who competes to sell more or less, faster or slower, charging more or less, etc.  Working in our passion, it becomes our clients that get the benefits. And we want to know we're doing our part to make the world a better place. 

BE ASSURED. We work as hard as other agents and teams but smarter; as quickly but always keeping your urgency and your interest in mind; we are willing to do things others aren't or just will not. We know the communities, the neighborhoods, the market, where it's been and where it's headed and we help you see how you and your lifestyle goals 'fit' in. Our fees are fair and competitive but give you unfair advantages. Besides our high ranking in the local real estate market and our reputation for grit, honesty, direct answers, accessibility, putting client needs far and above our own, we want you to find your life just right, what ever that is for you. And we are willing to go an extra mile for that!

Some of our work helps people Buy, Sell and Care for their home. If you can find your 'life just right' and help others find it too, we have accomplished so much more. Our work is a worthwhile reward for all.

You'll find us:

  • Volunteering our time to help others discover their passions.

  • Designing and implementing LIFESTYLE Marketing Messages with our Media marketer, staff photographer, space designer/stylist

  • Pulling off events that bring people together, building friendships, having fun

  • Helping other real estate agents break through barriers, think differently

  • Offering advice on ROI and Equity building opportunities to people who may never move

  • Cheering others on whether running or soccer, on the stage for a presentation, launching a new business, or navigating challenging times. 

  • Laughing at one another and with one another

  • Spending hours (if needed) listening, asking questions, digging deep with people who call on us to be sure we've done all we can to help even when they don't buy or sell

  • Protecting others from unnecessary risks, pitfalls and helping them uncover the opportunity.

  • Executing on our SELLER'S MARKETING BLITZ creating a whirlwind of interest, messages and vibration about the history, the today and the future of a lifestyle in one of our listed homes

  • Helping others take care of their homes with reliable and time-tested references for trades, services and help of many kinds

    What's Your Real Estate Team Look Like?

    Click: Here is an excerpt from some of the things that make 'Life Just Right' for me. 

    Meet the Life-Just-Right Team