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A Life Just Right; a real estate team's mission

At Susan Sells, we are 'life just right' specialists and we are here to help make your dreams as they relate to real estate come true. With a "genuine care about what’s best for you. we quickly and enthusiastically map out what needs to happen to make it a reality, the next best steps. We are motivated by being a TEAM, rather than pressuring you and adding to the stress so often associated with real estate. If it's best to just stay and improve rather than sell, we'll help set a plan with that in mind too. If NOW is your timeframe, we can do that too."                                 

Different By Design- Marketing is Communication to Susan Sells- 

I’m creative as a marketer, efficient making your priorities mine and fantastic at communication. I enjoy negotiating, and oversee the process from beginning to end with optimism and confidence. and with attention to everyone's thoughts, feelings, and concerns. I want everyone I meet to be able to find just the perfect lifestyle match for them, to make their life just right. 

Working as a Team at Susan Sells

As we build our real estate Team, we attract key team members who, like me, understand that relationships make all the difference. Above all the technology tricks and tools, we've got to figure out where we can add value and make a difference for people in their lives.  Through that purpose, we will grow our business and reputation and receive the recommendation of others who want friends to have the kind of real estate team they do. 

When it's time to buy, call on Jen and the Susan Sells Buyers Team.  They'd like to be able to help you go through the search for your dream home and be at your side, to set the plan for a life just right for you, your friends and your families. 

When you accept an offer (buyer or seller), it's time to celebrate AND check dates, deadlines, special terms and conditions.

There are 3 KEYS to help you make a smooth transition




A life just right means that we "dot every "I", cross every "T" so you can too. It's always evident that we LOVE what we do. so buyers and sellers get the best Realtor and Life Just Right! for them!

Why do we do what we do?

It's a part of our life just right.   Thank you!


Aug. 18, 2017

Home Improvement 2 Ways; MOVE or IMPROVE




How to Protect your home’s value

There are maintenance and replacement projects that can chew in to savings dollars. Repair and replacement timing always seem to barge in as un-invited guests or surprises. You can care for mechanical systems with regular maintenance and cleaning for optimal operation. Then it’s a bit easier to target them for replacement in 5+- year brackets. Roof replacement is considered maintenance and is sometimes overlooked in the timeline of ownership. Without good roof cover and associated ventilation, air flow, flashing, we see consistent problems with mold, ice dams, moisture, compromised insulation, pre-mature shingle wear and water damage from minor to advanced.

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July 20, 2015

North Andover Top Destination town

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July 20, 2015

On Top of Bear Hill

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July 20, 2015

At Home Space for Extended, Blended and Visiting Family

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July 28, 2014

419 Bear Hill North Andover home for sale


DETAILS MATTER in this 11 rooms classic looking colonial with warmth, personality and a stunning 2.54 acre setting. Set off the street with privacy all around and room for a pool, bird watching, gardening, relaxation,  backyard fun and BBQs. 

Call for an appointment today. Susan Sells. 978.470.2048

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Oct. 15, 2013

Boxford Homesellers Selling

News on Boxford Real Estate

52% more homes sold in Apr-May-Jun 2013 vs same period 2012 with a 25% increase inmedian price for the same period. 
 ("median" is the "middle" value in the list of numbers)

Single Family Home Sales, Apr. - Jun. 2012 vs. 2013   (source MLSPin)

# Sold Q2 '12  # Sold Q2 '13    % Change       Median Price Q2 '12 Median Price Q2 '13      % Change

     25                      38                  52%                 $455,000                  $568,750                         25%

39 Homes sold during Jul-Aug-Sep period marking another great month with sale prices ranging from $212,000 to $2,100,000. 
With just 14 homes pending sale and 72 homes actively for sale on the market today, time will tell how the year rounds out for Boxford sellers.

Pending sale $889,900

If you have big dreams when you sell your home, it's a great market to buy which means that your home may have a better chance of selling in today's market. 

If you want to know more, contact Susan Sells for a customized Homeseller Success Plan today.

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Oct. 7, 2013

Salt of the Earth

SaltThe gift of Salt.  Salt over your shoulder. A pinch of Salt. A grain of Salt. Below the Salt. Salt of the earth, Eat someone’s salt, Salt something away…;

Salt has stood the test of time. Its historical significance in the development of human civilization and initial pursuit of salthas come full circle. There are so many different choices in salt today that it can be downright confusing.  But without a doubt, natural salt has reentered the limelight and may be as important today as it had been in ancient times. History- Salt deposits (salt licks) attracted animals that in time were pursued by early settlers. The area nearby salt licks became settlements that grew into cities and even nations as man expanded animal trodden trails into foot trails that eventually became roads that crossed borders and even continents.

Salt licks, excavated mines, deep veins, wind blown, equator-hot, sunbaked, hand-raked, clay baked, covered and evaporated; these salts all result in rich resource.  Salt production was one of the first industries in the history of the world and sought after salt with its natural mineral nutrients became very valuable and available only to the wealthiest. Salt was used as payment. Salt was traded across expanding trade routes throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  

There are lots of intriguing stories related to salt. I’m most interested in pursuing opportunities for human connections and communication in everything I do; the message of one person to another making the language of salt worth exploring.  Salt is many times used as a metaphor for value: hardworking people are known to be “worth their salt”, and those most worthy are known as “the salt of the earth”.  The etymology- latin root ‘sal’ refers to salt and words that look to be rooted in humanity’s high value for salt include “salubrious”, which means “health-giving”, and “salary”, which is derived from the Latin salarium, the money allotted to Roman soldiers for purchases of salt. Sal is said to be the same as sol or the sun meaning natural sal will always remain central to our survival and valued by people.

I love to cook and I make cooking with all kinds of flavors from around the world something I spend ‘my down time’ doing. The addition of a sea salt or Kosher salt to flavor a dish during cooking and preparation prevents under seasoning. Course sea salt or herb-salt mixes brighten any meal I put on the table. At table (after cooking) salts including Fleur de sel, Sicilian, Hawaiian grey flakes, Himalayan pink, maple infused salt crystals to name a few can complete the dining experience. I keep salt on hand in several different varieties, origins and combinations and it becomes part of the fun of spending mealtime with family and friends (old and new). If you want to try one of my favorites, write me. I’m happy to share the gift of salt.

You are the ‘salt of the earth’ implying you are valuable, worthy, admired, blessed by God. Given with the message “That life may always have flavor”, may represent added luxury or flavor to life.  I like that and I wish all my many friends a wonderful life. I give a friend the gift of salt to show my appreciation for them, to recognize their worthiness, and demonstrate my admiration for them with my sincere wish that they enjoy everything they deserve in life and extract all that life has to offer.  namaste

March 25, 2010

10+ Seller Promise

In this market, the real estate agent you choose can be the difference in your real estate experience and results.I have developed a proven system and marketing plan that I will customize for your home. I believe that it's my job to protect your equity and I will work hard every day to get you the best price in the market. 

I will highlight some of the secrets of our plan for sellers.

  • Right exposure with customized marketing message
  • Market Facts Study to get 'in the market' not just 'on'
  • Partnership/Team approach
  • Large qualified buyer pool
  • Honest feedback and communication
  • Sound advice where you make good decisions to help you get to your goals every week
  • Stand out marketing tools
  • Promises kept
  • Prompt responses and thorough research
  • Confidence to negotiate for your goals

You did far more than we expected. Calls were always returned, questions answered even when the answerwasn't what we wanted, and we always got the truth.  Susan Sells was always ahead of the game and keeping us up to speed. Thanks for helping us sell our home and find our dream home.  Never did we think we would find a Dream Realtor as well,…Your advice and input were invaluable in helping us reach a deal. You were prompt and thorough when following up and you were with us every step of the way before, during, and after... I was very impressed that you followed up on loose ends a few weeks after closing. We couldn't be happier and we know that this is due in large part to the Susan Sells Team! Your network of contacts including contractors and various other personnel were extraordinarily helpful to us during the process and…we’ll be talking to all our friends and co-workers about you.


We don’t want our clients to settle for anything less than everything they deserve. We make it our job to see they get it, turning customers into promoters. Through our relationships over time, we receive the referrals of friends and business associates and our work along the way allows us long term, sustainable growth and success. That’s Life Just Right. 













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